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  • I understand that your event is VERY important to you and all of your guests. I’ll do everything I can to make it as special as I can by following through on every expectation and desire you share with me.
  • I will encourage you to share your ideas and wishes and really listen to thoroughly understand your goals and desires.
  • I will help you create your dream event by guiding you throughout the entire planning process.
  • At no point will I try to embarrass you or any other of your guests...unless you instruct me to... ha ha ha!!!
  • I will abide by all applicable laws, regulations and other codes to ensure a safe environment.
  • I will make moral and ethical choices with every decision.
  • I will maintain the highest level of customer service for every client.
  • I will present my services and products honestly, and without misrepresentation.
  • When I am asked, I will provide you with helpful ideas and suggestions for you to consider.
  • I will make myself available to my clients at all times and respond to all concerns in a timely manor.
  • I will treat all of your guests at your event with respect and do my best to be friendly and approachable.
  • I will present myself in a professional manor, and dress in event appropriate attire as requested by each client.
  • I will help coordinate and keep the “flow” of the entertainment activities for your event in sync with your wishes, and be flexible and responsive to your needs and changes as they occur.
  • I will not use foul language or tell off color jokes during your event.
  • I’ll make great efforts to ensure the songs I play have no profane or “swear words” in them.
  • I will work with all vendors involved in a professional and team-like capacity.
  • I will not require you to provide me with a meal.
  • I will continuously network with other professionals in our industry and continue to learn and be informed of industry changes.
  • I will act professional and fun while not acting like a “Clown” or “Game Show Host.”
  • I will not “dump” a client to another DJ if a higher paying event comes along.